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  1. We’re launching an new application platform for web apps in July. I’d like to discuss with you the opportunity to have your web messenger on the platform.


    • Karoo Lark says:

      Nice to know that Pokki!
      We are busy these days. We will keep an eye on Pokki. 🙂

      • gabriel says:

        Hi there, im very interested on purchasing karoolark, i have a great offer ready, please contact me asap !

        Thanks and regards


    • Dora says:

      Hi I am just practicing with a first wetsbie and have used this code (thanks) and it works great except I get the same code error as Eilia and Israel when one first goes into the Members page (when no filter is applied to the search). Did you resolve this? I don’t get the error anywhere else, and I don’t care about it on that filter, as such, but obviously as a novice I have no clue how to remove the error message. Hope you can spare 5 mins to help. thanks

  2. Dave says:

    FYI – http://www.pokki.com/ not accesible when websense is enabled. I think, in that case Karoo Lark also won’t be accesible after porting it with Pokki!

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Thanks for you feedback on Pokki.
      We will keep improving Karoo Lark. And we have no Pokki porting plans now.

  3. César says:

    Hey guys,

    where is the link javascript.com or java2script? this sites in my job can enter in msn, and Karrolark this is impossible…

    Can we have the last aplication?
    César – Brasil

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Thanks for using our web messenger in Java2Script. We are moving here because the domains java2script.org/.net/.com contains Oracle’s trade mark “Java”.

      We would like to solve your problem. Before solving your problem. We would like to know what exactly do you meet with. Is it that you can not load KarooLark.com web page or just can not login with “connecting …” message?

      Thanks for your feedback.

  4. aaliya says:

    I cant see friends list in facebook chat….let me know what to do

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Still having no friend list problem in FB chat? And this problem happens in our other web messengers, like web MSN or web Gtalk?

      Thanks for your feedback.

      • Mohmoud says:

        I like to save the list of friends apaepr with the user name of java script and its password. How can I save the online friends’ email address.Thanks in advanceZaw Zaw Mg

  5. zigga says:

    I can’t see my friend list on google talk either…is there anyway I can go back to using webuzz?

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Thanks for your feedback. If you want to go back to webuzz, you may try http://webuzz.im/gtalk/ , which will be existed for sometime before we could fix the connection problem.

    • Feuerwehr says:

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  6. TARUN says:

    i want to know how u team earning money from giving these free web chating services.where u r getting money to run your services?only from ads or any source exits??


    • Karoo Lark says:

      Ya, ads is a way for running free web services. Providing web IM services for other companies is another way.

  7. Soma says:

    Hi Guys!
    This new site awfully. Bring back the old. That one was useable, the new is shit.

  8. Timucin Keskin says:

    I am connection to internet behind the proxy. I connection via to Gmail for e-mail read and send. But new site has not gmail.

  9. Karin says:

    First sorry for my english =(

    I tried to sign in (msn), but it sends an ”waiting 3m” message, the time counter ends but then change to ”connecting” and nothing happens…what kind of error is?

  10. I Can’t sign in face book

  11. mehul says:

    i cant sign in face book

  12. mehul says:

    i can’t save my contact on messenger

  13. artan says:

    I tried to sign in (msn), but it sends an ”waiting 3m” message, the time counter ends but then change to ”connecting” and nothing happens…what kind of error is?

  14. Dambar Adhikari says:

    I can’t open fb in your karrolark web.


  15. Simon Welsh says:

    Karoo Lark is the stupid web…… try to do… so then,,,, why don’t u answer? f**k!! i will h***k your site…… careful…ေစာ္ရူး… crazy kaung tay

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Sorry, KarooLark does not provide the functions or features you want right now. Try to use KarooLark on your desktop computer. Thanks.

  16. phyothetpaingpaing says:

    i try to sign up in f-talk.

  17. phyophyo says:

    I wanna use gtalk but ..I cann’t do.

  18. Yay Pyar Oo says:

    I can’t open g talk in your karrolark web. I went to use karrolark web. Show me to trying connect to server fail. Incorrect username or passward. pls help me!

    • Maksym says:

      Amazing Service. Kudos to you guys. Really like the app. The UI upgrade is sepurb.The graphic flow is smooth. The placement is just perfect. I wouldn’t change anything in this app.The problems I faced in the couple of months I used Karoo Lark:1. Logging out problem. Does not logout when we click on log out. I followed your previous posts (signout from messenger, master sign out, etc), but its taking time of over twelve hours to completely sign out.2. Repeating IM messages. This is a very annoying thing for me. First both side’s IM’s were repeated. But now, only my messages are repeated at the other end.3. This is a very important requirement for me. There is NO WAY to clear the recent messages in the chats. I have to log-out and log-in to clear the messages. A single button to Clear Recent Messages would be a very very useful welcome.Apart from this, this is the best IM service I’ve seen.

      • Guilherme says:

        Hi Mango People!An astronomical THANK YOU to the srevice provided at Cape Town Airport, 23 July, Durban to Cape Town Flight JE379. Rory Mitchell, my son who is a regular Mango flyer who is studying Medicine at UCT, landed in CT and discovered that another passenger had mistakenly taken his bag from the carousel. A Mango Man called Lunga traced my sons bag and returned it to him, completely in tact. Rory was very well assisted by Mango staff in that he was taken through to the office and offered something to drink whilst Lunga went in search of his luggage. Great srevice from a great airline.

  19. koungtayzartun says:


  20. ys says:

    I cannot seems to logout from karoolark.
    I has been log off and closed the browser but my friends still see me online. It has been ‘Online’ for a few days. I’ve tried whatever way posted in your website to logout but it failed. Can you help?

    • Roula says:

      Mhh,providing several wieestbs was great to circumvent corporate firewalls Can you please let some of those old urls active ? I bet karoo lark will be black listed very soon..Jon

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  22. NathyBR says:

    Firs of all, congratulations for Karoo Lark! It gave me freedom in blocked networks! I can just imagine what it has done for people who can’t access chats in their entire country! o.O
    I came here today because I’m having troubles accessing Facebook chat. It was working normally but, out of no where, the message “Trying to connect server failed! Failed to get Facebook home page.” started to show up. Since I haven’t found this problem related in Facebook problems section, could you help me? Thanks a lot!

  23. Manu says:

    Since Meebo is gone. I did not see any better app than Meebo. I wish you guys create mobile app for iphone similar to meebo.

  24. Jatan says:

    We were previously using Meebo bar for our website. I looking at Karoolark and found it very interesting and useful. Do you provide a bar or any solution for integrating/embedding this on our website. We would like to provide our users with chat functionality so that they can chat with their friends on facebook, yahoo, gmail, MSN, and AOL while they are on our website.

    If a solution is not available at this time, I am very interested in placing these messengers on our website. I am willing to purchase a license or pay a fee if you can provide some solution.

    Thank you,


    • Karoo Lark says:

      Thanks for your feature request.

      To embed KarooLark web messenger into your web site. Try to add

      <script type="text/javascript" src="//karoolark.com/klk.im.js"></script>

      before the end of BODY tag in your HTML page.

      BTW: Meebo Bar service is still available without shutting down.

  25. Vicky says:

    I want to integrate Karoo Lark messenger on my website. Does it support?? If yes how can i do it?


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  27. min marna says:

    you may only be someone in the world.
    but to someone else you may be the world.

  28. zeyarmyo says:

    nice blog

  29. Sergiu says:

    I am interested in installing a web chat client on my domain, since all known web messengers are blocked by my company firewall.

    Can I obtain the karoolark to be installed in this manner?


  30. Brittany says:

    HoHo, this is a beauty! Appreciate it!

  31. Dzung says:

    Hi Karoo Lark,
    My company blocks any chat programs or https:// protocol, so, Karoolark is the only IM that I can use now. It’s nice to stay in touch with friends through Karoo lark. I really appreciate what you’ve provided.
    Just wonder if you can provide one more feature as “sign in as invisible” for YIM, Gmail and any applicable ones? It would be fantastic if we have this.

  32. Andi says:

    I’ve been using this karoolark website for months and I never had any problems. However, this week, I went to the site again and logged in to facebook but something went wrong. I couldn’t chat with my friends. I’m online but the chat box doesn’t appear, instead there’s a big black box appear with something on it saying this is not an object. Also, there is the word console on top of it. I just wonder what it is. Please reply to my concern. Thanks!!

  33. Eugene Schwarzenberg says:

    Microsoft is retiring Messenger. What will happen with Messenger in Karoolark? Can the Messenger service be used in Karoolark in the future?

  34. Fregoli Kventin says:

    Hello Karoolark
    Can Karoolark be used with Messenger account after Microsoft stops Messenger service?
    I don’t want to update my messenger account to Skype. This is the cause of my question.
    Or will you improve Karoolark to provide instant messiging service for Skype too?
    Thanks is advance for your answer,

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