Coco Voice, Chatroom and Question, for iOS

Coco Voice,, the iOS and Android mobile voice messenger we previously introduced, got a few updates in the past year. Besides “Meet Someone New” for seeing people around you, “Shake Shake” for making friends with people shaking at the same time, “Winks” for sending winks to people you like, Coco Voice make two important updates, “Chat Rooms” and “Question”, in late 2012.

First, Chat Rooms.

Coice chatrooms allow people to chat freely, on given topic of those rooms. Currently, Coco Voice provides the following rooms:

1. Singles – Ready to mingle? 😉
2. Sleepless Tonight – What’s on your mind?
3. Games & Technology – All the cool stuff
4. Past, Present, & Future – Imagine
5. Sports – Score!
6. Represent! – Yeah yeah!
7. Outer Space – To infinity and beyond
8. Comics & Anime – Free to be your nerdy self
9. United States – Vote for me!
10. Canada – Want some maple syrup?
11. Australia – Land down under
12. Latin America – ¡Muy Caliente!
13. Middle East – The golden land
14. Asia – The yin and the yang
15. Spirituality – Connect with the source
16. Europe – Eu’re interesting
17. Afrika – The origin of mankind

Currently, the “Single” room is the most popular one, there are always 20~30 people staying there, chatting or arguing about lots of topics, using text or voice.

Coco Voice supports listening to these rooms in background mode. So you can enter your favorite room and them switch to other apps for other fun things. Coco Voice will play messages when they come in. In this way, you are like listening to radio, with lots of people popping up and arguing. It is fun, you should try it out on your iPhone or iPad.

Second, Question.

It is the latest feature of Coco Voice for iOS devices. You ask a question, or express your opinion on others’ question. You are free to ask anything or share anything. Someone asks for whether to buy an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3. Someone asks for whether long distance relationship is working or not. Someone just sings and others give their opinions. It has lots of fun to join.

Here is a list of hot topics on Coco Voice, you can listen to these topics on the web.
I am a professional singer With professional friend Let’s see who’s the best on Coco Idol – Judges v.s. Rivals (singers)
Do u think u can sing?? – SING!!!! v.s. ME THE JUDGE THE ONLY JUDGE
Do you think you can sing? – Singers v.s. Judges
Are you sexy? – No way!! v.s. Hell, yeah!
Coco Voice Idol(do you have the voice to win coco voice idol?) choose any song and sing! – Judges v.s. Contestants(singers)
Can boys and girls really be best friends with nothing sexual going on at all? – No v.s. Yes
Do U Like Texting Or Talking? – Talking v.s. Texting
Can you guys sing? And even if you THINK you can’t still come join the chat – Judge/chat v.s. SING/chat
Tom and Jerry or spongebob? – Spongebob v.s. Tom and Jerry
Can You sing For me? I wanna hear other voices!! Anyone can join! Just please no arguing!! – Sing(Anyone) v.s. Judge(Anyone)
Who is a good singer? – Singer v.s. Judges
Who likes cake? – Hate cake v.s. Love cake

Question also supporting background mode. You can  listen to these discussions in background mode on your phone.

Have iPhone or iPad but still not having Coco Voice installed? Please install it from iTunes here. It will brings you funs!

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