Goodbye Meebo, Hello KarooLark Web Messenger

You may already heard that Google has acquired Meebo, the pioneer of web messenger service provider, for 1 billion US dollars. And yesterday, Meebo/Google announced that they will shut down a lot of services, including the common web messenger service. will be shutting down on July 11, 2012. Click here for more information about discontinued products. To get the Meebo Bar for your site, go

We respect Meebo for all they have done for serving web messenger service in the last few years. We just want to say a respectful “Goodbye Meebo”.

For those (tons of) Meebo web IM users, who may feel being ¬†abandoned, ¬†we, KarooLark web messenger ( ) service, want to say “Hello KarooLark web messenger”, welcoming those users to join us.

We are providing similar and better (in some aspects) we messengers. We think you will like our web messenger. Here is a screenshot for those Meebo new users for KarooLark:

Using KarooLark web messenger should be easy. Just select your messenger network and login and chat. No installation. Work as your desktop messenger software.

KarooLark web messenger service is provided back to 2007, running over 5+ years, from to, to today’s with supports of web Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Chat, AIM/ICQ, Jabber/XMPP. We are continuously supporting and improving KarooLark web messenger service. We won’t let it go or won’t shut it down. It is a service that you can rely on.

We are listening on any questions, requests or bug reports. Please feel free to drop us a line.

Enjoy your web messaging with friends on

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