Coco Voice for iPhone and Android Phones

Coco Voice Messenger

Some days ago, we introduced Coco Voice messenger for iPhone, a push-to-talk smartphone application to share voice, text, and pictures. Now Coco Voice has an important update for iPhone, supporting sending pictures besides voice and text messages, and supporting finding new friends around you. And more important, Coco Voice for Android is now available in Google Android Market. So if you have an Android phone, you can now talk with your friends through Coco Voice.

Coco Voice is a push-to-talk smartphone application to share voice, text, and pictures.

• Completely free, even internationally
• Option to post voice messages on Facebook and Twitter
• Supports Wi-Fi, 3G and any other data network
• Phone and Facebook contacts integration

Please download and install Coco Voice in App Store, Coco Voice in Android Market. For more information, please visit .

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