KarooLark Desktop Notification for Google Chrome

We are very pleased to let you know that KarooLark web messenger has supported desktop notification for Google Chrome browser.

So if you are using Google Chrome visiting KarooLark web messenger,  click drop down button under your name or right click on the messenger icons on the bottom corner,

and choose “Settings” from the pop up menu, and choose “Notifications” item in the settings dialog, check “Show notification” and click “OK”.

You will be prompted to give KarooLark the permission to pop out notification, accept it.

Now if your friends send you a message, you will get notified by a pop up box around your desktop notification corner (with a sound if you also check “Play sound” in settings).

If you are working in other applications, click on the notification box and it will bring you back to KarooLark web messenger directly, showing messages for you. If no action is performed, the notification box will disappear in 30 seconds.

The benefit of enabling this feature is obvious. You won’t miss message from your friends any more. And you only need one click instead of several clicks after getting notified or hearing the message alert sound. We think you will love this feature.

Currently, desktop notification is only supported in Google Chrome browser. So if you are using IE 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0,  we strongly recommend you switching to Google Chrome, whether you need this feature or not. Internet Explorer is too slow for modern web App. Google Chrome is about 2x faster than IE, even comparing to IE’s latest version 9.0.

If you are using Firefox, which is much faster, we still recommend you using Google Chrome to visit KarooLark for daily use. You can use Google Chrome to create a standalone KarooLark web messenger application, which will have a standalone item in task bar and will have much larger space for messaging, with no toolbar, address bar and status bar.

Google Chrome browser is becoming more and more popular, which is a trend that you should not miss. By now it has about 25% of global browser market. From KarooLark’s analytics report, 15% of our KarooLark visitors  are already using Google Chrome. But we are sure more our users are switching to Google Chrome.

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    Anyway I got some problems trying to connect to Facebook Chat, an error occured
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    Can anybody helps me ?
    Thanks so much for your kind reply .

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