Moved to Karoo Lark Web Messenger

In the past few years, we were providing web messengers from several locations, like java2script, izuz and webuzz. We had several problems in operating these websites:

  • User experience was not the same
  • Some band names were not good and might confused our users
  • Band name conflicted with other existed band names.
  • Maintaining several websites required more time.

Last month, we decided to build a new band, that is “Karoo Lark [ka:ru:la:k]”, a bird’s name. We hope our web messenger will give you a bird’s feeling to sing out your message. We were encouraging our users to try out the new web messenger here. In the past week, we has redirect some old web messenger services to our new web messenger service Karoo Lark web messenger. From user feedback,  we think it’s time to move all of our old web messenger services here now.

So enjoy Karoo Lark web messenger!

And please let us know, if you have any problem or advice.

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25 Responses to Moved to Karoo Lark Web Messenger

  1. yakuza says:

    hey please no remover the site !

  2. Bob says:

    Hey Karoo Lark,

    I like the functionality of IM and email service and would like to use your service on my website that is in development please do let me know if you can provide us script for embed on our site off-course we do not need all source just give to the user a great service


    • Karoo Lark says:

      We haven’t supported embedding KarooLark web messengers on other websites right now.
      Please stay tuned.

  3. Jon says:


    providing several websites was great to circumvent corporate firewalls 🙂
    Can you please let some of those old urls active ? 😉

    I bet karoo lark will be black listed very soon..


  4. Derek says:

    Karoo Lark is blocked by my company. was a great way to use my IM services without any hassle… I am very disappointed you have gotten rid of all but the one site!

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Thanks for your feedback.
      We still would like to solve your problem. Would you like to describe more detail about how your company is blocking KarooLark web messenger services? Can you open our home page but can not login?

  5. 4wadi says:

    like this

  6. Marcus says:

    This is very nice chatting room.

  7. Ashok Felix says:

    Amazing Service. Kudos to you guys. Really like the app. The UI upgrade is superb.
    The graphic flow is smooth. The placement is just perfect. I wouldn’t change anything in this app.

    The problems I faced in the couple of months I used Karoo Lark:
    1. Logging out problem. Does not logout when we click on log out. I followed your previous posts (signout from messenger, master sign out, etc), but its taking time of over twelve hours to completely sign out.
    2. Repeating IM messages. This is a very annoying thing for me. First both side’s IM’s were repeated. But now, only my messages are repeated at the other end.
    3. This is a very important requirement for me. There is NO WAY to clear the recent messages in the chats. I have to log-out and log-in to clear the messages. A single button to Clear Recent Messages would be a very very useful welcome.

    Apart from this, this is the best IM service I’ve seen.

    • Karoo Lark says:

      @Ashok Felix
      We are investigating into your problems. We will let you know if we solve these problems.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  8. Mohamed Saligh says:

    Hi admin,

    Can you please provide a one more feature like one which actual yahoo message has.
    That is while logging in, there can be an option called “Signing as Invisible”.

    Please would be help for many of us…


    • Karoo Lark says:

      @Mohamed Saligh
      Thanks for your feedback. We would consider adding this feature in future update. Stay tuned.

  9. Derek says:

    I type in and it redirects to, and the home page to that URL is blocked by my company. It’s a pretty big corporation, so there may be no way around it. I just wish there were other non-descript URL’s that could be used, as the lesser known websites would go undetected.

  10. cassie says:

    can’t open my facebook chat, yahoomail, gmail, and google talk. 🙁
    please advise

  11. gletch says:

    I was able to log in to the log in page but in using the same log-in name and password prompted me a incorrect username and password

  12. yankaiqian says:

    I like the old URL:, it is easy to understand and remember,
    the “karoolark” is difficult to read or remember for me, I am trying to be used to the new URL.

    will you keep the old URL “” avaliable for ever?

  13. mehul says:

    i can’t save my friend id in my messenger list

  14. Mishka Andreas says:

    Will I use my Facebook password if I sign up in Karoo Lark? Will my Facebook information be shared, or will I have to register separately? Hope you can advice me…thanks!

  15. texastyle says:

    Blocked at work! Are you thinking about moving t o a different site?

  16. alperos says:


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