Announcing Karoo Lark Web Messenger

We are very pleased to announce that Karoo Lark ( ) is now providing online web messenger with a new UI layout.

Currently, Karoo Lark provides web Gtalk messenger, web MSN messenger, web Yahoo! messenger, web Facebook Chat. We may add other web IMs later.

Please give us what you think about our new UI, we are improving our web messenger based on your feedback.

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12 Responses to Announcing Karoo Lark Web Messenger

  1. Jayro says:

    I suggest that the top and bottom bars can be hidable like in the previous layout. These bars take a lot of space and anounce that you are using MSN and Gtalk (since the big icons are pretty visible)

    Thanks for everything guys! This tool is great!

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Thanks for your feedback.
      We will improve the new UI layout and we may take your suggestion into our improvement.

    • Russell says:

      WLM without rellay thinking about what their needs are and considering their options. And there are a lot of options in the instant messaging today. What worked for you as a student, may not be best suited for your

  2. naren says:

    good job…..

  3. Danielle says:

    I think that the absence of AIM is a big letdown–at least for me. I think that, if possible, the addition of AOL Instant Messenger would greatly improve the new site. Other than that, Karoo Lark is lovely!

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Take a page refresh on Karoo Lark to see if AIM is there for you now.
      We think web AOL Instant Messenger is not perfectly working, so we do not support it when we launch Karoo Lark.
      Now as you requested, we put it back. We will improve it in future updates.

  4. seo rajesh says:

    thnks such a nice messenger i always use this kind of IM coz i hv firewall which blocked my msn n yahoo . i tried this massanger its very good. is it also mobile supported ?

  5. Lexy says:

    I am sorry but i cannot access to any icon… and WEbmessenger it is not appearing to sign in!!! i want the service back x3

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Will you tell me more about “cannot access to any icon”? We would like to fix your problem.
      If you want to stay on old web messenger, click “Stay here” button.

  6. Mary says:

    I go to boarding school facebook chat doesn’t sign me in I dont think it works for me it just goes waiting 3 minutes 5 minute etc is there anyway I can have izuz or something back?

  7. Mary says:

    webuzz im and facebook keep logging me out of eachother ? :S

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