Q: What Does “Karoo Lark” Mean?

A: From wikipedia:

The Karoo Lark (Certhilauda albescens) is a species of lark in the Alaudidae family. It is endemic to South Africa.

Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry shrubland.

It looks like this one:
Karoo Lark

We name our web messenger as “Karoo Lark” web messenger, as its singing sound is beautiful. We hope that our users can chat happily as larks.

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16 Responses to Q: What Does “Karoo Lark” Mean?

  1. Melissa says:

    How come I can’t go invisible?

    • Karoo Lark says:

      Now you can go invisible by selecting “Invisible” item in status drop down menu.
      For Gtalk, going invisible only works to your current available friends, if your friends login later, they will see you online.
      For MSN, going invisible works, but you cannot receive or send messages.
      For Yahoo! Messenger, Faceboo Chat and AIM, “going invisible” is not working.
      We will are still improving this “invisible” feature.

  2. Anthony E. Herbert says:

    Wow. I have disgby, aim, pidgin, ym, skype. This must be some messenger worth promising. I am going to try this. Is this still in Beta version?

    Anthony E. Herbert
    Author of buy house Mallorca

  3. Ardith Seay says:

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    • citop says:

      Yahoo! Chat and Yahoo! Messenger, are the same thing. The only difference bewteen the two is that you download Yahoo! Messenger, and Yahoo! Chat is online Both are free, and if I am using Messenger, I can still talk to someone using Yahoo! Chat and Viceversa.. It’s just how you want to view the messages Online without some features, or downloaded with extra features.

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  5. Ian Kasprzak says:

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  7. website says:

    Im getting a tiny problem. I cant get my reader to pickup your feed, Im using msn reader by the way.

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  9. Lison says:

    windows live messenger 2011 sucks, you can only have video chat which makes the qaltiuy of my webcam worse, and i hate that it doesnt alert you when a contact signs in unless you’re online, its retared, and they removed other good features like being able to get nicknames!

  10. khinewinlei says:

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