Q: I Already Sign Out, But My Friends Still See Me Online

A: Most of time, if you log out, you will get disconnected immediately.

Some early users had reported that they did not sign out correctly. In such cases you will be kept as online for a short time ( 30s ~ 120s ). You has to do nothing about it, just wait at max 2 minutes. Then you will be logged out.

In some worst cases (should not happen, or please report bug), if you be kept as online for more than 2 minutes after you sign out and close browsers, and if we can not respond you immediately, your session will be kept until the next day 9:00 AM +0800. Our servers will perform maintenance job and will log you out.

To avoid being kept as online in our servers, we recommend you to sign yourself out. You can sign out in the following three ways:

1. Sign out from Z pop-up menu:
Sign out from system menu

2. Sign out from drop menu right to your status bar:
Sign out from drop menu

3. Sign out from notification corner icon’s context menu:
Sign out from context menu

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8 Responses to Q: I Already Sign Out, But My Friends Still See Me Online

  1. Rajendra kumar Adhikari says:

    I can sign in with my account but can’t type anything.when my friends are online it still apears offline.

  2. Karoo Lark says:

    @Rajendra kumar Adhikari
    What about signing out, refreshing current page refresh and signing in again?

  3. Ashok says:

    Ya, this happens to me all the time. I just read about the many ways of signing out from Karoo Lark. Love the new User Interface. Much better than the previous ones.

    Although, “Clear Chat” Option in the individual chat windows would be a very great addition. I developed a chrome plugin just for that sake. Although it’s buggy, it does it’s work perfectly, having that option from you guys would be a very welcome feature.

    Thanks. Keep Rockin.

  4. Yoh says:

    I can not get into my messenger

  5. Deepak says:

    When my wife signs into karoolark from her office and starts chatting with me, I get echos of messages sent earlier in the same chat session. It is very very irritating and I cannot understand the conversation afterwards.

  6. yashika says:

    i’m not able to log out

  7. vpk says:

    I singed out my gtalk on Karoolark but it can still online.I sing in again and sing out but my account is still online.I clear my browser cache,restart my computer and change my password.But they all didn’t work.Please help me asap because my account is seeing online always by my friends.

    • Bharath says:

      i want to ask,what should i do when on my acuncot appear “keep your acuncot free of spam”it look like a spammy link posted into your address bar caused unintentional activity on your facebook acuncot……don;t worry, your acuncot is safe and we ended the activity. Continue on for a few quick security tips..when i click to continue,there’s no respons…is it i need to make a new acuncot…can u solve my problem??i can’t open my acuncot….

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