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Updates about Karoo Lark web messengers

Coco Voice, Chatroom and Question, for iOS

Coco Voice,, the iOS and Android mobile voice messenger we previously introduced, got a few updates in the past year. Besides “Meet Someone New” for seeing people around you, “Shake Shake” for making friends with people shaking at the same time, “Winks” for sending winks to people you like, Coco Voice make two important updates, “Chat Rooms” and “Question”, in late 2012.

First, Chat Rooms.

Coice chatrooms allow people to chat freely, on given topic of those rooms. Currently, Coco Voice provides the following rooms:

1. Singles – Ready to mingle? ūüėČ
2. Sleepless Tonight – What’s on your mind?
3. Games & Technology – All the cool stuff
4. Past, Present, & Future – Imagine
5. Sports – Score!
6. Represent! – Yeah yeah!
7. Outer Space – To infinity and beyond
8. Comics & Anime – Free to be your nerdy self
9. United States – Vote for me!
10. Canada – Want some maple syrup?
11. Australia – Land down under
12. Latin America – ¬°Muy Caliente!
13. Middle East – The golden land
14. Asia – The yin and the yang
15. Spirituality – Connect with the source
16. Europe – Eu’re interesting
17. Afrika – The origin of mankind

Currently, the “Single” room is the most popular one, there are always 20~30 people staying there, chatting or arguing about lots of topics, using text or voice.

Coco Voice supports listening to these rooms in background mode. So you can enter your favorite room and them switch to other apps for other fun things. Coco Voice will play messages when they come in. In this way, you are like listening to radio, with lots of people popping up and arguing. It is fun, you should try it out on your iPhone or iPad.

Second, Question.

It is the latest feature of Coco Voice for iOS devices. You ask a question, or express your opinion on others’ question. You are free to ask anything or share anything. Someone asks for whether to buy an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3. Someone asks for whether long distance relationship is working or not. Someone just sings and others give their opinions. It has lots of fun to join.

Here is a list of hot topics on Coco Voice, you can listen to these topics on the web.
I am a professional singer With professional friend Let’s see who’s the best on Coco Idol – Judges v.s. Rivals (singers)
Do u think u can sing?? – SING!!!! v.s. ME THE JUDGE THE ONLY JUDGE
Do you think you can sing? – Singers v.s. Judges
Are you sexy? – No way!! v.s. Hell, yeah!
Coco Voice Idol(do you have the voice to win coco voice idol?) choose any song and sing! – Judges v.s. Contestants(singers)
Can boys and girls really be best friends with nothing sexual going on at all? – No v.s. Yes
Do U Like Texting Or Talking? – Talking v.s. Texting
Can you guys sing? And even if you THINK you can’t still come join the chat – Judge/chat v.s. SING/chat
Tom and Jerry or spongebob? – Spongebob v.s. Tom and Jerry
Can You sing For me? I wanna hear other voices!! Anyone can join! Just please no arguing!! – Sing(Anyone) v.s. Judge(Anyone)
Who is a good singer? – Singer v.s. Judges
Who likes cake? – Hate cake v.s. Love cake

Question also supporting background mode. You can  listen to these discussions in background mode on your phone.

Have iPhone or iPad but still not having Coco Voice installed? Please install it from iTunes here. It will brings you funs!

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Messenger Updated, Improving for Both Web and iPad

We are pleased to announce KarooLark’s new web messenger UI layout.

Now all messengers are listed in the bottom bar. Chatting dialogs will no long need a minimizing button and its title in task bar. Window title bar is in solid gray color in all platform, like Windows, Mac and iPad. Popup menus are now using white background color. Some controls are updated with more accurate layout.

For iPad users, if there are any, you will get a smoother shadows and drag and drop of windows are now supported. We will make KarooLark much more friendly to iPad users in the future.

We are improving our server frequently. More features is coming. Let us know what is on your mind. Your opinions help improving KarooLark.

P.S. If you prefer to our old messenger layout, please visit here.

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Goodbye Meebo, Hello KarooLark Web Messenger

You may already heard that Google has acquired Meebo, the pioneer of web messenger service provider, for 1 billion US dollars. And yesterday, Meebo/Google announced that they will shut down a lot of services, including the common web messenger service. will be shutting down on July 11, 2012. Click here for more information about discontinued products. To get the Meebo Bar for your site, go

We respect Meebo for all they have done for serving web messenger service in the last few years. We just want to say a respectful “Goodbye Meebo”.

For those (tons of) Meebo web IM users, who may feel being ¬†abandoned, ¬†we, KarooLark web messenger ( ) service, want to say “Hello KarooLark web messenger”, welcoming those users to join us.

We are providing similar and better (in some aspects) we messengers. We think you will like our web messenger. Here is a screenshot for those Meebo new users for KarooLark:

Using KarooLark web messenger should be easy. Just select your messenger network and login and chat. No installation. Work as your desktop messenger software.

KarooLark web messenger service is provided back to 2007, running over 5+ years, from to, to today’s with supports of web Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Chat, AIM/ICQ, Jabber/XMPP. We are continuously supporting and improving KarooLark web messenger service. We won’t let it go or won’t shut it down. It is a service that you can rely on.

We are listening on any questions, requests or bug reports. Please feel free to drop us a line.

Enjoy your web messaging with friends on

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KarooLark Desktop Notification for Google Chrome

We are very pleased to let you know that KarooLark web messenger has supported desktop notification for Google Chrome browser.

So if you are using Google Chrome visiting KarooLark web messenger,  click drop down button under your name or right click on the messenger icons on the bottom corner,

and choose “Settings” from the pop up menu, and choose “Notifications” item in the settings dialog, check “Show notification” and click “OK”.

You will be prompted to give KarooLark the permission to pop out notification, accept it.

Now if your friends send you a message, you will get notified by a pop up box around your desktop notification corner (with a sound if you also check “Play sound” in settings).

If you are working in other applications, click on the notification box and it will bring you back to KarooLark web messenger directly, showing messages for you. If no action is performed, the notification box will disappear in 30 seconds.

The benefit of enabling this feature is obvious. You won’t miss message from your friends any more. And you only need one click instead of several clicks after getting notified or hearing the message alert sound. We think you will love this feature.

Currently, desktop notification is only supported in Google Chrome browser. So if you are using IE 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0, ¬†we strongly recommend you switching to Google Chrome, whether you need this feature or not. Internet Explorer is too slow for modern web App. Google Chrome is about 2x faster than IE, even comparing to IE’s latest version 9.0.

If you are using Firefox, which is much faster, we still recommend you using Google Chrome to visit KarooLark for daily use. You can use Google Chrome to create a standalone KarooLark web messenger application, which will have a standalone item in task bar and will have much larger space for messaging, with no toolbar, address bar and status bar.

Google Chrome browser is becoming more and more popular, which is a trend that you should not miss. By now it has about 25% of global browser market. From KarooLark’s analytics report, 15% of our KarooLark¬†visitors ¬†are already using Google Chrome. But we are sure more our users are switching to Google Chrome.

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3 Ways to Sign into Karoo Lark Web Facebook Chat

In order to fix Facebook’s “Keep your account free of spam” problem and¬†provide a better web Facebook Chat service, we has added two more ways for our users to sign into Facebook Chat.

Here are 3 ways to sign in:

1. Facebook Connect (Recommended)

Using Facebook Connect, you do not need to input your Facebook password, JUST provide an access token as password. It is considered much safer for your Facebook account.

  1. Visit
  2. Click button “Get Facebook Connect Token for KarooLark”
  3. If you have not signed into Facebook, you will be asked to sign into Facebook
  4. Click button “Arrow” to grant those permissions for KarooLark app to provide web Facebook Chat service for you.
  5. Copy user, password/token and sign in on home page.

If you can not access Facebook directly in your network, you should try this way in the network where Facebook websites are accessible. After getting your user and password/token, you can try to save it somewhere and login KarooLark web Facebook Chat in network where Facebook websites are not accessible.

2. Facebook Username + Password (Recommended)

  1. If you have not assigned your Facebook username, login official Facebook, create your user name by “Account” -> “Account Settings” -> “Setting” -> “Username”
  2. Visit home page and login with your username (no “@…”) and your password.

If you has not assigned your username and your network block you from accessing Facebook. Try to assign one at home or through proxies, then use your username and password to login web Facebook Chat on KarooLark.

3. Facebook Email + Password

This way is the same as that you login your Facebook. While the method has some problems, for example, it causes “Keep your account free of spam” notification, as described in early post. If possible, please use the first 2 ways. It causes lesser problems.

Please give us feedback so we could make our service much better. Thanks.

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Lemon Dove Web Mail Client

If your networks blocks your access to common Email services, like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, you can now visit Lemon Dove web mail client to get access to your emails.

Lemon Dove is a bird name as Karoo Lark is a bird name. We love birds! We choose this new name for our web mail service, replacing our old name “WeMail” and “KeXMail”.

Lemon Dove ( ) is a free web mail client for Google Mail, Hotmail/Live Mail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL/AIM Mail and other mail providers that support POP/IMAP & SMTP. In case these mail services are blocked by your network firewall in office, you still can access to your mails by using Lemon Dove. Lemon Dove is designed to be used anywhere, Windows/Linux PC, Mac, home or office behind firewall. Lemon Dove uses similar Gmail UI, so those Gmail users should feel much comfortable. Lemon Dove team is dedicating to build web mail client services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

We are improving this web mail client service, please let us know what you want. Your feedback helps improving this service.

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Moved to Karoo Lark Web Messenger

In the past few years, we were providing web messengers from several locations, like java2script, izuz and webuzz. We had several problems in operating these websites:

  • User experience was not the same
  • Some band names were not good and might confused our users
  • Band name conflicted with other existed band names.
  • Maintaining several websites required more time.

Last month, we decided to build a new band, that is “Karoo Lark [ka:ru:la:k]”, a bird’s name. We hope our web messenger will give you a bird’s feeling to sing out your message. We were encouraging our users to try out the new web messenger here. In the past week, we has redirect some old web messenger services to our new web messenger service Karoo Lark web messenger. From user feedback,¬† we think it’s time to move all of our old web messenger services here now.

So enjoy Karoo Lark web messenger!

And please let us know, if you have any problem or advice.

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Web Messenger Performance Improvements

We have rolled out some updates in the past few days. These updates help improving Karoo Lark web messenger performance.

  1. The server pushes data to browser side in a more compact way. That is to say, our messenger will load your friends more quickly.
  2. Now our messengers will refresh friend list only when it is necessary. If a friend outside current visible friend items has been updated, the messenger will not update the UI until you scroll to that friend. So our web messengers will run in a smoother way.
  3. Disable background picture for Internet Explorer (IE). From our test, we found out that background picture made IE very very slow. So we has disabled this feature for IE.
    We strongly recommend all IE users update your browsers to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Karoo Lark web messengers runs much faster in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Fixing other bugs.

Please let us know what you think about our web messenger. We are improving Karoo Lark web messenger always.

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Group Support for Karoo Lark Web Messenger

We are very please to announce that now Karoo Lark web messengers support friend group for MSN (Windows Live Messenger), Yahoo! Messenger and AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).

Group view for your friends is enabled by default for MSN, Yahoo! and AIM messengers. You can expand or collapse each group or you can disable group view by select “Show groups” in the pop up menu of “View” button.

Group views will help you better managing your friends, especially if you have lots of friends, e.g. thousands of friends for some users.

Please let us know what you think about Karoo Lark web messengers. We will make it better!

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