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Hi Meebo Users!

Hi Meebo Users,

We, KarooLark web messenger ( ), welcome you to our web messenger, instead of Meebo web messengers, which is already shut down today.

You and your friends may feel lost after your familiar Meebo web messenger is no longer there, since today. But don’t let Meebo messing your friendship up. You and your friends can always use KarooLark web messenger to continue chatting with your topics. We supports web Gtalk, MSN, Facebook Chat, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and ICQ. You can login multiple networks at the same in Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari on any platform.

Before reaching KarooLark, you may already spent some time searching  for Meebo alternative to send messages to your friends. You friends may also do the same things searching for a web messenger. So don’t forget to email or send a message to your friends that they can use KarooLark web messenger, if you find KarooLark is good.

Thousands of KarooLark daily users make us confident that you and your friends will like our web messengers. Don’t forget to give us a Facebook like, a tweet or a Google plus! If you have any feedback, please comment on our blog.

Say goodbye to Meebo and enjoy KarooLark web messenger. And enjoy “Call me maybe”. Hope you have a good day.

KarooLark Team

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