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Group Support for Karoo Lark Web Messenger

We are very please to announce that now Karoo Lark web messengers support friend group for MSN (Windows Live Messenger), Yahoo! Messenger and AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).

Group view for your friends is enabled by default for MSN, Yahoo! and AIM messengers. You can expand or collapse each group or you can disable group view by select “Show groups” in the pop up menu of “View” button.

Group views will help you better managing your friends, especially if you have lots of friends, e.g. thousands of friends for some users.

Please let us know what you think about Karoo Lark web messengers. We will make it better!

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Tips: Launch Karoo Lark as Google Chrome Application

As Karoo Lark being web messenger inside browser, most of window space is wasted by browser window. So your friend list looks shorter and you spend more time in locating your friend who you want to chat with.

Google Chrome browser was being created to give users much more space. No status bar, no menu bar, even no separate title bar. And Google Chrome is considered as the fastest browser to run JavaScript. From our Google Chrome experience, we are strongly recommending this browser for our Karoo Lark web messenger.

Google Chrome offer another feature: You can create an application shortcut for a website and launch it from desktop, quick launch bar or start menu. It will give the web page a whole window spaceĀ  with only title bar.

In application window mode, Karoo Lark web messenger will get much longer friend list and will have more space for chatting windows. We are dog-food-ing ourselves Karoo Lark web messenger in this mode for a long time. We are very satisfied with our web messenger in this mode. We suggest you to do so.

Here are instructions of how to create Karoo Lark web messenger application:

  1. Visit using Google Chrome ( If you haven’t installed it yet, try here to download and install it ).
  2. Click the tool icon on browser’s right top corner
  3. Select “tools” -> “Create application shortcut” from the pop up menu:
  4. Confirm to create application shortcut by clicking “Create” in the dialog:
  5. You can now launch Karoo Lark web messenger directly from your selected places:
  6. Now you have much more space for your friend list and chatting dialogs:

So go Karoo Lark web messenger with Google Chrome! Faster and much better user experience for web instant messaging!

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Announcing Karoo Lark Web Messenger

We are very pleased to announce that Karoo Lark ( ) is now providing online web messenger with a new UI layout.

Currently, Karoo Lark provides web Gtalk messenger, web MSN messenger, web Yahoo! messenger, web Facebook Chat. We may add other web IMs later.

Please give us what you think about our new UI, we are improving our web messenger based on your feedback.

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Q: What Does “Karoo Lark” Mean?

A: From wikipedia:

The Karoo Lark (Certhilauda albescens) is a species of lark in the Alaudidae family. It is endemic to South Africa.

Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry shrubland.

It looks like this one:
Karoo Lark

We name our web messenger as “Karoo Lark” web messenger, as its singing sound is beautiful. We hope that our users can chat happily as larks.

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