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Q: Does Karoo Lark Web Messenger Store My Password on Server?

A: No! Our server does not save any password.

In our web messenger, we offer an option to “Remember password”. If you choose to remember password, your password will only be remembered in your browser site.

The password may be saved in browser cookie or HTML5 local store. The password is encrypted by RSA before being stored. Using RSA algorithm to encrypt your password means that if you leak your saved password, the real password won’t be decrypted easily or will require years to be decrypted. If you leak your saved password, you have the opportunity to change your password at the official website. So your account is considered safe.

We will always try our best to protect your account security here. But you should be careful with your account elsewhere, always.

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Q: I Can’t Log into Facebook Chat

A: Most of the time, if you provide your correct email (or user name) and password, you will get logged into Facebook Chat as expected.

Sometimes, Facebook users may get the following errors on logging into our service:

which says “Failed to connect”, “Trying to connect server failed!” and “You need to log into Facebook official website to confirm your account!”.

Don’t be panic about this error. It is a normal error our Facebook Chat users will meet with.

In fact, Facebook thinks that your logging into Facebook from our KarooLark servers, located in USA, is an unusual login activity. Facebook refuse our requests to login and ask to you to verify your account and review you recent activities in its official Facebook home page.

So you must login Facebook official website to confirm your account first. (If you are blocked to access Facebook at your office or school, you need to visit Facebook at home or use proxy to access it)

By logging into Facebook with your email and password, you will be redirected to :

Then you can follow the instructions inside the page:

On review recent activity, select “This is Okay” and continue to confirm your account.

Once you finish reviewing your account, you have confirmed that using ourĀ  web FBChat is a normal login and you can login our Karoo Lark web Facebook Chat later without errors!

We hope that you know why you get error on logging into our web Facebook Chat and know how to solve it and continue to use our web chat service.

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