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Q: I Already Sign Out, But My Friends Still See Me Online

A: Most of time, if you log out, you will get disconnected immediately.

Some early users had reported that they did not sign out correctly. In such cases you will be kept as online for a short time ( 30s ~ 120s ). You has to do nothing about it, just wait at max 2 minutes. Then you will be logged out.

In some worst cases (should not happen, or please report bug), if you be kept as online for more than 2 minutes after you sign out and close browsers, and if we can not respond you immediately, your session will be kept until the next day 9:00 AM +0800. Our servers will perform maintenance job and will log you out.

To avoid being kept as online in our servers, we recommend you to sign yourself out. You can sign out in the following three ways:

1. Sign out from Z pop-up menu:
Sign out from system menu

2. Sign out from drop menu right to your status bar:
Sign out from drop menu

3. Sign out from notification corner icon’s context menu:
Sign out from context menu

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